Family history

A tale as old as time

Cotswold fine rugs are a family run business with 3 generations behind us. 

After our grandfather started the business over 36 years ago we have gone from strength to strength buying from the same family's out in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Turkey that he made friends with during his tours.

I want to emphasis on the word "friends" there a little more than that, the people we buy from are not acquaintances or a way to a means they are friends actually more like family so much so that they named two of my daughters Ameira and Shamiah the rugs that these families create are outstanding but don't take my word for it come along and see for yourself.

We deal in hand knotted carpets and rugs only, knotted with the finest wools and silks from around the world.

Picked by us personally so that you receive nothing but the best.